Seeds for Change

Every year I purchase seed and perennial plants, and I generally bite off more than I can chew. So some people might say I am wasting some money on seeds that I don’t get a chance to plant. I don’t see it that way. The next year I plant some […]


Sprouting Lotus Seeds

As I think I have mentioned before, we have a fish pond. Our fish pond has zero plants growing in it, though there are plenty growing around it, but nothing that is really helping to improve the water quality. So I have been searching for some aquatic plants to introduce. […]

Vermiculture Meets Tiered planter DIY 1

I love the idea and the motivation behind the Garden Tower Project, however I do not love the $300 price tag. For those of you out there who are handy, we can make one of these! This is essentially a strawberry planter (stacked co-centric planters) with a worm tube (vermiculture) […]

Spring is coming! 1

So I have been MIA online, but busy as a bee on Future Farm where we have been preparing for spring. My husband built us two top bar bee hives using free plans we found online at BuzzAboutBees. We have beeswax and lemon grass essential oils at the ready for […]

Springing Up on Future Farm 6

  ┬áIt’s been a little over a month since we bought our Future Farm and we are loving it! The blueberry bushes are loaded with pink tinged fruits that are plumping up in the continuing May showers. Another exciting resident on future farm are the pitcher plants! According to Wickipedia […]

Easy Tomatillo Salsa

In my yard tomatillos literally grow themselves. So instead of leaving zucchinis in people’s cars, I leave tomatillos in their offices with a recipe for salsa verde. There are lots of tomatillo salsa verde recipes, but they are almost all simple and easy to prepare. Salsa Verde (basic ingredients)2 lbs […]

Free Range Potatoes

The potato scraps we planted a couple months ago starting wilting and dying down, so it was time to check out what was hanging out below the surface. We were not surprised to find, potatoes! Steve holding up a successful potato harvest! See how the potatoes grow further up the plant […]

Seasonal Smoothies

We live in New England where air conditioning is becoming more common, but we don’t have any. Luckily we do have a blender and plenty of ice cube trays. Combine that with fresh fruit, organic yogurt, honey and ice tea and relief is a button away from giving you a […]

In the Heat of Harvest

Apologies for being Missing in Action for a couple weeks. I have been very busy. Just finished up a week of curling and volunteering in the Cape Cod Curling Club Summerspiel. At the same time wedding preparations are down to the wire and I am harvesting lots of fresh fruits […]

Chickweed, Not Just For Chickens

So recent events in the world have peaked my interest in foraging for wild edible plants. The best time to learn to recognize edible plants is not in an emergency situation. I checked out three books at the library, but I am starting with this one: From our local library […]