Natural Beauty

No Poo in Soft Water

If you’ve been following my blog you know we recently moved to the Mississippi Gulf coast. Everything is in transition while we search for our future farm, including my hair. While my hair generally does well in a humid coastal setting, it does not seem to like the soft water […]

No Poo Convert

I realize you can’t quite see his hair here, but we’re at French Quarter Fest, so his hair was looking good. Looking good! Just a short note for those of you who are considering No Poo. Lots of people are interested in the fact that I don’t pay for high priced […]

Toothpaste Mix Up

Today I’m experimenting with homemade toothpaste. I checked out Wellness Mamas remineralizing toothpaste and this bentonite recipe from keeper of the home. I couldn’t find all the ingredients for either recipe at the local health food store (Amber Waves). Mine is something of a mashup using the ingredients I have. If you […]

Two Months Without Poo

It has been TWO MONTHS since I put shampoo on my head and I feel great. My hair looks good! I need a hair cut and I have a few split ends, but that is because I’ve been letting my hair grow since last summer in preparation for a wedding […]

Day Old No Poo With a Side of Raining Cats and Dogs

This is for all you No Poo fans out there. Day Old No Poo is when I wash my hair and sleep on it, then get it wet again in the morning to reset the curls. This works great because my curls, which are never that frizzy, are even less […]

Vegetarians Pump Iron

This is the picture of pretty darn healthy. When people first learn that I am a gluten intolerant pseudo vegetarian they instantaneously and incredulously ask “What do you eat?” As if I were about to starve to death. Anyone looking at me can see that’s not true. I eat vegetables, fruits, legumes, grains […]

Warm Spice Cake Facial

I was lamenting my adult acne today and decided to surf around the internet to search for face masks that would help fade acne scarring. I found a couple of people who were trying something they fondly nicknamed “the burning face mask”. Well, I thought, I will keep looking. Still […]

No Poo Review

I started my No Poo experiment on Monday February 18th. It is now April 1 and I don’t miss my shampoo at all. Other things I don’t miss include: itchy scalp standing in front of 100s choices trying to figure out which chemical concoction to buy frizzy hair spending too […]

Makin’ Up

I was tooling around our local health food store, Amber Waves, and I came across clay powder. Red and Green. Well I bought it. I had an idea it would be good for making makeup. I was right!I followed the guidance provided by Wellness Mama, but instead of using cocoa […]

Time to Take This No Poo Show on the Road

I am headed to Rochester, NY for a bonspiel this weekend. I bought a airplane travel kit the other day from the local convenience store for just this purpose. I would have preferred to reuse or recycle, especially if I could find some glass containers, but this will have to […]