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    Gluten Free Date Night on Cape Cod

    It’s finally summer, commitments are less abundant and spontaneous fun is on the rise. Time to tackle gluten-free date night! At first it seems like once you’ve given up gluten there is no way you can go out and have fun eating and drinking like a normal person. Once you start mapping out “safe” places to eat and drink, you’ll find it isn’t as limiting as you thought. Here on Cape Cod, gluten free is taking off. I even heard a hot tip that that new french bakery on main street will make gluten-free bread by request. So much for all that weight I lost when I found out I…

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    Chickweed, Not Just For Chickens

    So recent events in the world have peaked my interest in foraging for wild edible plants. The best time to learn to recognize edible plants is not in an emergency situation. I checked out three books at the library, but I am starting with this one: From our local library Foraged flavor has some of the more easily identifiable edible wild plants. I am guessing it also has the more common types of plants because I have found most of them growing in my yard. Prolifically. Today I thought I would try out chickweed. The type of chickweed I used is not quite the same type shown in the book.…

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    Upcycled Recipe Holder

    I saw this online somewhere. Use a plastic pant/skirt hanger to hold a lightweight recipe book or recipe printed on a piece of paper. This holds the book open to your place and keeps it up and out of harms way. I have more oil stains and chocolate smudges on my cookbooks, but no more! This works great and it cost nothing. I even decorated a couple and gave them away at Christmas. (Not because I am a cheapskate, but because we weren’t supposed to gift anyone but the kids.)

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    Slow Pumpkin Butter

    Last fall I managed to grow one enormous pumpkin. Just one. The other one rotted away from the inside due to a beetle infestation. I followed an easy recipe for making crock pot pumpkin butter. Step one: remove seeds and bake pumpkin. The pumpkin is supposed to go with the flat/open side down. My pumpkin was to big to fit in the pan that way so I had to cover it with foil and bake it with the round side down. A pumpkin so large only half will fit in the oven at a time. Kitchen Hint: clean up the seeds while the pumpkin is baking. You could eat them,…

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    Garlic Secrets

    I am no culinary master, but the food I prepare is tasty and well accepted at our house. I am learning some tricks of the trade from my Italian fiance and my family members who have culinary skills. Garlic, I love it. I used to hate trying to peel it. Then Steve taught me a simple trick. I cut off the end of the clove. Lay the flat side of the knife on the clove and give it one hard smack. Then it is very easy to peel. I still can’t just rub it between my  hands like he does, but he has carpenter hands. Voila, peeled garlic. Next on…

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    Gone Crackers: Gluten Free

    At our house we eat a ton of crackers. Crackers are expensive and especially the gluten free crackers. We are paying between $2-3 for a small box of rice crackers, a little more for almond or hummus crackers. It doesn’t sound like that much, but I have a cracker gremlin who can go through a box a day. I have tried a couple times to make crackers with variable success, but nothing I really liked. So here goes another try. I found this recipe at Serious Eats and adapted it for my own purposes. I made two separate batches so I could try out different flours and add ins. Light and…

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    Slow and Easy Potato Soup

    I was getting ready for work when I realized I had to curl tonight. No time for making dinner after work, so I decided to make some slow and easy potato soup. This decision was also influenced by the fact that my organic potatoes were growing in the pantry. Time for another episode of how to make breakfast and dinner at the same time. Slow and Easy Potato Soup 3 lbs potatoes diced (0.5-1″ pieces)1 large onion diced3 stalks celery slicedSeveral cloves garlic peeled1/4 soyrizo sausage1/4 cup sweet whey powder4 Tbs starch or flourSalt & pepper to taste Saute the veggies and deglaze the pan. Add the veggies and deglazing broth…

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    Gluten-Free Oatmeal Waffles

    Another got to recipe at our house is oatmeal waffles. This recipe came from an actual print newspaper, the Boston Globe, and was given to me by a thoughtful friend.There is some contention about whether oatmeal is truly gluten free. Some of this may come from oats being processed in the same factories as wheat. You can buy gluten free oatmeal. I just get the regular old fashioned kind. It has yet to cause me problems, but I am only self diagnosed as sensitive to gluten, not diagnosed as a celiac. Gluten-free Oatmeal Waffles 3 cups old-fashioned rolled oats1 tsp bakin gpowder1/4 teaspoon salt2 eggs1/2 cup plain yogurt1 1/4 cups…

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    Easy Gluten Free Muffins

    This recipe is adapted from my favorite gluten-free recipe book (a gift from my friend Mimi) The Gluten-free Gourmet by Bette Hagman. I recently read that she passed away awhile back (may she rest in peace). Quick and Easy GF Muffins 1/4 cup sugar (I usually skip this) 2 Tbs shortening (I use unsalted sweetcream butter) 2 eggs 1 cup GF flour mix or all rice flour (I use all rice flour) 1/4 tsp salt 1/4 tsp xanthan gum 2 tsp baking powder 1/2 cup milk or nondairy liquid 1/4 tsp vanilla 2+ Tbs mix ins (nuts, berries, chips, cheese, corn, jalapenos, etc) These muffins follow pretty much the same instructions…

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    Easy GF pizza dough

    There was a time when I was paying a little over $2 a piece for a frozen gluten free personal sized pizza crusts. This drove my thrifty side mad so I was forced to find an alternative. I wanted something easy that require few ingredients and could be in the oven to prebake in 15 minutes or less. I tried a couple recipes but the one I liked best was this one. I leave out the sugar and I use plain white rice flour. I like to add a lot of seasoning. Cracked pepper is very good in pizza crust. This dough is not doughy. It has almost a slimy…