• Sustainable living makes sure there are resources for everyone, even spiders.
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    Sustainable Humans: Let’s Save Our Environment

    The idea behind this site is that if everyone was just a little more sustainable, the whole world would use less resources which would be the beginnings of restoring a natural balance to the Earth we all depend on. It’s much easier to make a noticeable difference if we’re all on board, but how do you get everyone to buy into living a more sustainable lifestyle? We hope this site will help everyone come to the conclusion that if the residents of Future Farm can move towards living in a more sustainable way, everyone else can too! Who am I? An oceanographer who values safety equipment.   Many small steps…

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    Seeds for Change

    Every year I purchase seed and perennial plants, and I generally bite off more than I can chew. So some people might say I am wasting some money on seeds that I don’t get a chance to plant. I don’t see it that way. The next year I plant some more of last years seeds, and when I start to question their viability, I set them free to fend for themselves in the wild. This leads to pleasant surprises when they sprout and grow with practically no help from me. We start nearly all our plants from seed, but there are a few places out there that offer some rare…

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    Stevia Leaf Powder

    So I had been recently been toying around with the idea of buying several things in bulk from Mountain Rose Herbs. Based in Eugene, Oregon this company encourages sustainability and ethical stewardship. Of course I did and I am so pleased with everything I ordered. The spring & summer catalogue came with my order and it was filled with all kinds of ideas and recipes for sustainable DIY home cleaning, health and beauty products. Now I am planning a SECOND order when what I need to be doing is planning my Sustainable Seed Company and Bountiful Gardens orders. It’s hard to plan for spring when it keeps snowing. Mountain Rose Herbs…

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    Gluten Free Date Night on Cape Cod

    It’s finally summer, commitments are less abundant and spontaneous fun is on the rise. Time to tackle gluten-free date night! At first it seems like once you’ve given up gluten there is no way you can go out and have fun eating and drinking like a normal person. Once you start mapping out “safe” places to eat and drink, you’ll find it isn’t as limiting as you thought. Here on Cape Cod, gluten free is taking off. I even heard a hot tip that that new french bakery on main street will make gluten-free bread by request. So much for all that weight I lost when I found out I…

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    Garlic Mustard Invasion!

    Earlier this spring I noticed a large patch of pretty white flower on top of long leafy stalks. I thought “Wow, look at them all! Aren’t they pretty?” I hadn’t noticed them last year, there had only been a few. Also, where has the poke weed gone? Not that I want it back. I was trying pretty hard to get rid of it… By not so random coincidence, our local National Public Radio station posted about Garlic Mustard, a noxious weed that produces allelochemicals which are toxic to most plants in North America. Luckily, the toxicity is reduced over time. Garlic Mustard is invasive and as it turns out in Massachusetts it is PROHIBITED…

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    The Lazy Gardener: Composting

    The mere thought of all the useful soil I keep out of the landfill motivates me to compost, but some people find the idea of composting intimidating, or maybe just inconvenient.  So let me calm your fears with a little knowledge from one of my favorite books, The Humanure Handbook. Yeah, the name of that book probably didn’t calm your fears… Why EVERYONE Should Compost Composting: Enriches the  Soil Prevents Pollution Fights Existing Pollution Restores Land Destroys Pathogens Saves Money – never buy fertilizer again! Composting Myth #1: Composting is time consuming and difficult I feel bad for the squirrel,but it does dig upeverything. Composting does not have to be time…

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    You Can Do It: Start Commuting by Bicycle

    May is national bike month, so now is the perfect time to start commuting by bike. Commuting by bicycle may sound intimidating, but I can tell you I have never arrived at my destination regretting that I rode my bicycle instead of driving. It’s worth facing that intimidation for the reward of daily outdoor exercise. If that’s not rewarding enough, I only fill my car’s gas tank every 1-2 months since I hardly ever drive it. Let’s break down those pre-conceived notions that are keeping you from commuting by bicycle. Find a comfortable bicycle The first step in becoming a bicycle commuter is finding the right bicycle for you by…

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    Sustainable Human on Facebook

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    Gluten Free Happy Hour on Cape Cod

    I discovered I was gluten intolerant February of 2010, which was, as luck would have it, just shortly after I had discovered my love for beer tastings.  So when, at the end of a long day of working towards sustainability, I want a brew it has to be GF (or suffer the consequences of a gluten laden hangover). Like most things on Cape Cod there isn’t an enormous selection of GF Happy Hour options (if you’re not interested in wine or liquor) in the immediate vicinity. In case you didn’t know, in Massachusetts Happy Hour does not mean drink specials. If you’re lucky there are some free appetizers (yeah, those…

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    The Resistance is Fertile: Victory Garden!

    Let’s talk about something near and dear to my heart, why everyone should have a vegetable garden. Super heroes know that gardening is another way to show how dedicated they are to protecting the public. Garden for your HEALTH Eating more vegetables is one of the most important stops on the route to good health. Growing your own vegetables insures that they are free of the pesticides and herbicides we all need to avoid for good health. There’s no better way to make sure your vegetables are organic than growing them yourself in an organic environment. You won’t be able to resist eating more vegetables if you are growing them.…