Sustainable Community

Why Sustainable Human?

The idea behind this site is that if everyone was just a little more sustainable, the whole world would use less resources which would be the beginnings of restoring a natural balance to the Earth we all depend on. It’s much easier to make a noticeable difference if we’re all […]


Seeds for Change

Every year I purchase seed and perennial plants, and I generally bite off more than I can chew. So some people might say I am wasting some money on seeds that I don’t get a chance to plant. I don’t see it that way. The next year I plant some […]

Stevia Leaf Powder

So I had been recently been toying around with the idea of buying several things in bulk from Mountain Rose Herbs. Based in Eugene, Oregon this company encourages sustainability and ethical stewardship. Of course I did and I am so pleased with everything I ordered. The spring & summer catalogue came […]

Little Friend

Check out this newly hatched Cecropia moth! I haven’t seen one in awhile, but I guess I haven’t been looking for one either. I love big moths…

Gluten Free Date Night on Cape Cod

It’s finally summer, commitments are less abundant and spontaneous fun is on the rise. Time to tackle gluten-free date night! At first it seems like once you’ve given up gluten there is no way you can go out and have fun eating and drinking like a normal person. Once you […]

Garlic Mustard Invasion!

Earlier this spring I noticed a large patch of pretty white flower on top of long leafy stalks. I thought “Wow, look at them all! Aren’t they pretty?” I hadn’t noticed them last year, there had only been a few. Also, where has the poke weed gone? Not that I […]

The Lazy Gardener: Composting 1

The mere thought of all the useful soil I keep out of the landfill motivates me to compost, but some people find the idea of composting intimidating, or maybe just inconvenient.  So let me calm your fears with a little knowledge from one of my favorite books, The Humanure Handbook. […]

You Can Do It: Start Commuting by Bicycle

May is national bike month, so now is the perfect time to start commuting by bike. Commuting by bicycle may sound intimidating, but I can tell you I have never arrived at my destination regretting that I rode my bicycle instead of driving. It’s worth facing that intimidation for the […]

Sustainable Human on Facebook

Do you LOVE Sustainable Human?  This is supposed to be garlic shaped like a heart. Do you want to get updates of my latest posts in your Facebook feed?  If so, you should LIKE Sustainable Human on Facebook! That way when I post a new inspiring project or my next favorite […]

Gluten Free Happy Hour on Cape Cod 1

I discovered I was gluten intolerant February of 2010, which was, as luck would have it, just shortly after I had discovered my love for beer tastings.  So when, at the end of a long day of working towards sustainability, I want a brew it has to be GF (or […]