Butterflies in Love

I’ve been collecting wine corks planning to make wedding decorations. Today I made a decoration for the card table. I chose all the red wine corks and spelled out LOVE by glueing them to cardboard backing with hot glue. The cardboard gives each letter stability. I wanted to cut away […]

DIY Wedding Place Markers

I have been collecting corks for awhile now. I was hoping 2 per place marker would work, but 3 definitely makes a sturdier base. I have leftover paper scraps in all the right colors from making the origami flowers for the centerpieces and bouquets. So I took some long skinny scraps […]

My DIY Fall Whale Wedding Invitations

I haven’t started mass producing these for the wedding invites, YET. I’m still in the process of perfecting them. I haven’t even glued together this envelope yet. I printed out a DIY envelope pattern from intimate weddings.  I am making all the flowers, color accents and envelopes from assorted brightly […]

Simple Origami

I am a multi-tasker. If I’m not doing 2-4 things at once, I feel like I am not being productive. Right now I’m eating breakfast and blogging… While I am watching television (what I consider to be the least productive activity in the world) I make these kusudama flowers. I […]