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Taking down the scrub and old growth to make way for wildflowers.
Taking down the scrub and old growth to make way for wildflowers.

Since the first time I was able to have some small patch of land and grow food I have wanted more land to grow more food. I have spent the last 10 years becoming obsessed with owning my very own farm where I could grow enough food for my family and friends. This farm would be an asylum, a well of health, a place to experiment with sustainability and an alternative form of retirement savings. Perhaps my farm could even become an educational tool and business? But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

My obsession has been further driven by an ever-worsening industrial food nightmare, a defunct and expensive drug-pushing healthcare system, and global powers bent on destroying our hospitable environment for profit. I believe the local and sustainable production of healthy food will be a large part of the solution for all of these global problems.

Butterflies love the wood lilies
Butterflies love the wood lilies

After years of planning and dreaming, we finally have our Future Farm! A rolling 11.4 acres of field, forest, and water just waiting for us to plant our future.

Future Farm strives to:

Be Pollinator Friendly – Lots of flowers and no pesticide or herbicide, we also plan to keep bees

Practice Organic Regenerative Agriculture – working with the land to improve soil fertility while storing carbon

Practice Permaculture – Planting and nurturing perennial plants that require little care after becoming established

Develop a Food Forest – Perennial and annual food producing plants growing in a system much like a forest

Grow Our Flerd – we want to have a range of poultry, goats, and other livestock co-existing on future farm

Become independent – eventually we would like to get off the grid and live independent of what we view as a flawed system

Currently we work full time jobs as a Hydrologist and Carpenter and we have a baby on the way, so this is a hobby of love! I don’t get to update as often as I’d like, to, but check back often to see what we are up to on Future Farm.

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